Adolescents in Public HousingAddressing Psychological and Behavioral Health

Adolescents in Public HousingAddressing Psychological and Behavioral Health

Von Nebbitt

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780231148580

Publisher: Columbia University Press


This book incorporates data from multiple public housing sites in large U.S. cities to shine much-needed light on the symptoms and behaviors of African American youth living in non-HOPE VI public-housing neighborhoods. With findings grounded in empirical research, the book gives practitioners and policy makers a solid grasp of the attitudes toward deviance, alcohol and drug abuse, and depressive symptoms that characterize these communities and links them explicitly to gaps in policy and practice. It initiates new, productive paths for research into this vulnerable population and contributes to the development of preventive interventions that may increase the life chances of affected youth.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Theoretical Underpinnings and Methodology

1 Introduction

Von E. Nebbitt

3 An Integrated Model of Adolescent Development in Public Housing Neighborhoods

Von E. Nebbitt, Kathy Sanders-Phillips, and Lisa R. Rawlings

Part 2 Empirical Section

4 Methodology and Procedures

Von E. Nebbitt, Taqi M. Tirmazi, and Tarek Zidan

6 The Social Ecology of Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Use

Michael G. Vaughn, Margaret Lombe, Stephen Tripodi, and Von E. Nebbitt

7 The Relationship Between Neighborhood Risk and Adolescent Health-Risk Behaviors

Sharon F. Lambert, Crystal L. Barksdale, and Von E. Nebbitt

8 Risk and Protective Factors of Depressive Symptoms

Margaret Lombe and Von E. Nebbitt

Part 3 Implications and Applications

9 Implications to Practice and Service Use

Theda Rose, Michael Lindsey, and Von E. Nebbitt

10 A New Direction for Public Housing

Carol S. Collard and Von E. Nebbitt

11 Summary and Conclusion

James Herbert Williams, Von E. Nebbitt, Christopher A. Veeh, and David B. Miller